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X-ray Diffraction Imaging 
Security Systems

Every material has a unique X-ray diffraction 'fingerprint' that allows you to tell it apart from other materials

This XRD 'fingerprint' can tell us whether the items in your luggage are allowed to travel with you or need to be left behind


While traditional XRD measurements are slow and not well-suited to looking through thick and complex objects... 

Quadridox's novel computational imaging approach enables us to rapidly and accurately scan and assess your luggage

Our XRDI baggage scanners are designed to improve throughput and safety in aviation security applications

  • Modular, compatible with AT/CT systems

  • Full-tunnel imaging to evaluate every item in every bag

  • Continuous scanning "at speed" 

  • Comparable or smaller footprint compared to current baggage scanning CT systems

See our Hybrid XRDI operation mode, where our XRDI system is integrated inline with a CT system

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