X-ray Diffraction Imaging Systems

X-ray diffraction (XRD) is the gold standard of material analysis - it has unlocked the secrets of human DNA and explored life on Mars.  

DNA and Mars rock XRD signal

XRD is usually a non-imaging modality - this means that it can only provide rich material information at a single spot on a sample that has already undergone significant sample preparation


Our team is revolutionizing XRD by realizing it as a fast, high-resolution volumetric imaging technique.  For the user, this means:

  • little or no sample preparation 

  • shape and spatial information is maintained

  • snapshot volumetric imaging with no moving parts

  • temporally-resolved measurements for dynamic phenomena

...we literally wrote the book on it!

Our team of world renowned X-ray diffraction imaging experts can develop a diffraction system to fit your industry's needs. We currently are developing real-time XRD imaging systems for use in security medical and non-destructive testing/inspection.

Product details coming soon

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