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Synthetic Data 

End-to-end synthetic data framework​ 
Create a LOT OF DATA at the push of a button
  • Simple, graph-based UI via
  • Easy batch execution for large dataset generation
  • Native post-processing algorithms (coming soon)
  • Cloud-based (via or local implementation
rendered AI_edited.jpg
QDX Synthetic

Complex, relevant objects created to meet your needs

Our novel method for representing 3D objects using nested mesh surfaces allows for high-resolution and job-specific virtual objects. Our virtual objects can be arbitrarily created and boast a low memory footprint. 

Reconstructed synthetic CT volumes 
QDX Synthetic

We have created libraries including, virtual luggage, air cargo pallets, trucks and cargo, calibration phantoms, security threats, and anomalies. 

Interested? Contact Us to learn more.

Synthetic Data Examples
A sampling of simulated data for bags, pallets, food, and electronics.
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