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Rapid, end to end X-ray physics simulation package, capable of modeling a variety of non-destructive testing methodologies including:

  • Food inspection systems

  • Security screening systems

  • X-ray CT scanners

  • X-ray diffraction (XRD) or Compton systems

  • Differential phase contrast systems (DPC)

QSim RT simulates X-ray detection capabilities with a combination of speed and accuracy unmatched in the market.

Our approach can be endlessly customized to fit your needs.  Realistic virtual objects are combined with comprehensive physics modeling and state of the art compute resources to quickly produce accurate synthetic data.  

Virtual object model

Complex, relevant objects created to meet your needs

Our novel method for representing 3D objects using nested mesh surfaces allows for high-resolution and job-specific virtual objects. Our virtual objects can be arbitrarily created and boast a low memory footprint. 


Validated Physics and X-ray scanner models

The QSim RT framework has undergone evaluation via independent agencies and has demonstrated value as part of human observer studies and algorithm training and testing

QDX Synthetic

QSim RT enables the generation of large, labeled datasets for machine learning, artificial intelligence, algorithm development, and system design.

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