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Quadridox launches QSim RT: faster and higher


Hillsborough NC, July 25, 2021


Through a comprehensive redesign, Quadridox has rebuilt its revolutionary X-ray simulation and synthetic data generation suite to create the all new QSim RT. By harnessing the power of transformative new NVIDIA ray tracing GPU hardware and APIs combined with Quadridox’s efficient software architecture, QSim RT is over 1000x faster than its predecessor.  This means that we can run everything from CT simulations of ultra-realistic bags to full cargo container trucks in seconds on a single GPU. This massive speedup finally makes it possible to perform in-depth X-ray system design, algorithm development and the application of state-of-the-art machine learning techniques.

In addition to being 1000x faster, QSim RT now goes 10x higher.  Our re-engineered simulation framework can generate synthetic data for a variety of X-ray architectures now up to 9 MeV, enabling fast, realistic, on-demand data for cargo scanning, inspection of automotive and aerospace parts and beyond.

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