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X-ray Diffraction
Imaging Systems

X-ray diffraction (XRD) is the gold standard of material analysis - it has unlocked the secrets of human DNA and explored life on Mars.  

DNA and Mars rock XRD signal

XRD is usually a non-imaging modality - this means that it can only provide rich material information at a single spot on a sample that has already undergone significant sample preparation


Our team is revolutionizing XRD by realizing it as a fast, high-resolution volumetric imaging technique.  For the user, this means:

  • little or no sample preparation 

  • shape and spatial information is maintained

  • snapshot volumetric imaging with no moving parts

  • temporally-resolved measurements for dynamic phenomena

...we literally wrote the book on it!

Quadridox's XRD baggage scanner is designed to improve throughput and safety in aviation security applications

Our team of world renowned X-ray diffraction imaging experts can develop a diffraction system to fit your industry's needs. We currently are developing real-time XRD imaging systems for use in security medical and non-destructive testing/inspection.


Additional product details coming soon


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